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BKI Recycling can be your company’s optimal solution for all of your recycling needs. We can identify potential sources of recycling revenue and help your company become more efficient, green and profitable. Click here for a free consultation with one of our recycling specialists.

Recycling Services

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BKI can help with all of your recycling needs. We will provide your company with unparalleled service (including evenings and weekends), while at the same time providing extremely competitive prices and timely payments for your commodity-grade recyclable waste. BKI works directly with the employees of small to large businesses to recapture profit from materials that would otherwise end up in the waste stream. Click the “get started” button or call us now to learn more about how BKI Recycling can help your company cut costs and develop new income streams through a well-developed and customized recycling program.

Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard is the largest component of most businesses’ recyclable waste. Recycling your company’s cardboard waste will reduce waste-related expenses and possibly generate a positive income stream.

Paper Recycling

The United States goes through over 70 million tons of paper each year. BKI has developed markets for every type of paper. If the paper waste generated at your company has a positive market value, BKI can help turn that waste into a profit center.

Pallet Recycling

BKI can help recycle and dispose of your old and unneeded pallets.  We also sell new, refurbished and custom pallets at extremely competitive prices.  Space-saving trailers are provided at no cost to clients generating large volumes of pallet waste.

Plastic Recycling

The secondary plastic market can be difficult to navigate. BKI can help identify the type of plastic generated at your company and determine whether the material has a viable market value.

Metal Recycling

Metal is the most recycled material on the planet. BKI can help recycle your ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste.

Other Services

  • Custom Recycling Programs
  • Local and Mill Direct Transportation
  • Document Destruction
  • Baling Wire
  • Baler Sales, Rentals & Financing
  • Waste Audits
  • General Consulting Services

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